Carol Imhof

Carol Imhof


Chicago IL USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

December 1970

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Everyone is familiar with the old saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ and for many of our Playmates, the phrase rings true for just how they ended up posing for Playboy. Take for instance Carol Imhof, she would have never become who our Miss December 1970 or tied for runner-up at our Bunny of the Year contest in 1970 if it wasn’t for falling ill and being forced to drop out of Southern Illinois University as a result. What many would have seen as a low point, the busty brunette saw it as her chance to do something she always wanted to do—become a Bunny in Chicago. “I'm a cocktail Bunny at the Playboy Club. I prefer working afternoons or early evenings, so I can sleep late and go out at night. That’s the perfect situation for me,” says Carol who lived in the Bunny Dormitory at Hugh Hefner’s Chicago Mansion when she was first hired as a Bunny. “I stayed at the Dormitory for eight months and then I got my own place. I liked the other girls, but I wanted to live alone. I look forward to my hours of solitude.” While working as a Penthouse Bunny at the Club is an honor, all-natural Carol says there will be a day soon when she’ll hang her bunny ears up for good. “Right now, I'm getting into other things—especially modeling. I don't really follow fashion much. I would never wear a midi except when I model. It's a designers' conspiracy,” explains our voluptuous Miss December 1970. “When I can get enough freelance work to support myself, I'll probably leave the Club. It's been wonderful, but you can have too much of a good thing.” Too much a good thing hasn’t always stopped Carol in the past from doing something she knew would have odd repercussions like indulging in her favorite food. “Eating crab late at night is one of my favorite indulgences—even though I sometimes pay for it with weird dreams afterward,” she says while giggling at the thought of how weird she must sound. “But, a great meal is worth a nutty dream or two.” Strange dreams aside, Carol’s perfect date would still include a crab dinner and dessert in a much more comfortable position. “My turn-ons are cozy and rustic places,” she adds. “I would also love to spend an evening with my special guy and our friends, perhaps at a party or the racetrack.” Why the racetrack? Carol admits a former boyfriend of hers introduced her to the world of horse races and she was immediately hooked. “After a while, he stopped taking me,” says Carol of her ex. “Whenever I went along, he lost.” His loss is every Playboy fan’s gain because Carol Imhof, our 200th Playmate of the Month, is a luscious beauty we could never live without.