Carol Vitale

Carol Vitale


Elizabeth NJ USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

July 1974

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Carol Vitale had come up with a brilliant idea for her 18th birthday—she’d get away from the frigid winters of Jersey and move to hot Miami. “I grew up in cold and gray Elizabeth, New Jersey,” says the all-natural blonde now sporting a sun kissed tan. “But, in the five years I was in Miami, I think I must have made up for tall the warmth and the sun I missed.” The moment the voluptuous Jersey girl felt the hot sun beat down on the curves of her body, she knew she was home. She soon would pose for an Oldsmobile commercial and was a finalist in the Miss Florida-World competition, but money will still tight so she began working at a hotel lounge near Miami’s Playboy Club. Every night, Carol was serve the Bunnies looking for a good cocktail after work. The sexy Bunny uniform complete with ears and a tail along with the positive outlook of our Club’s Bunnies got Carol thinking, ‘why not apply for a position as a Bunny?’ “I had no idea, when I moved to Miami, of even applying for a job as a Bunny,” says the baffled Jersey girl. “Now, I'm a Bunny at the Playboy Plaza in Miami Beach.” After five years, she grew tired of being just a Bunny so she became the best Bunny she could. She won Bunny of the Year 1972 in Miami and posed for a Bunny pictorials for three years in a row in the early Seventies along with the cover of our August 1972 edition of Playboy magazine. Once that cover was published, the Playboy offices were buzzing with excitement over Miami’s top Bunny. Becoming our busty Miss July 1974 was an honor the model from Elizabeth, NJ had never even anticipated. With five years under her belt—or should we say tail—as a Bunny and the title of being our Playmate of the Month, Carol had an important decision to make. At the time of her Miss July 1974 centerfold issue publication, she had learned her application to be the public relations representative at an airline was approved. “My ambition is a position in public relations that would allow me to travel and meet new people. I was all set to take my first airline training class,” says Carol. “But, I couldn't take my mind off how much I'd miss Playboy and all my free time for modeling assignments, guitar lessons, water-skiing and the rest. For me, living in Miami is like being on vacation every day of the year, and I kept on thinking about how much I'd be away even if I were to be stationed here. So, a few days before I was to attend the class, I called the airline and said, ‘Sorry.’” She absorbed the Miami sun, partied and represented the Playboy name proudly for years, but the urge to work within the media couldn’t be ignored any longer. After completing her broadcasting degree, our Miss July 1974 got her own talk show, The Carol Vitale Show which ran for eleven years. The show was a hit and soon guests like Martin Landau and Zsa Zsa Gabor graced her stage, but wherever Carol went, her Playboy memories were never too far behind. “Young men these days are so hot for older women, and I like men of all ages,” confesses the ageless, busty blonde. “Just treat me like gold and you’ll never be sorry. Don’t let the blonde hair and the big boobs fool you, boy. I mean business.” There is nothing sexier than Carol Vitale—a powerful and gorgeous woman who knows what she wants.