Carolina Ballesteros

Carolina Ballesteros


Madrid, Spain


5' 9"

Playmate of the month

October 2020

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Meet our October 2020 Playmate, Carolina Ballesteros. A model and makeup artist, Carolina adores the art of transformation. “Transformation is what I do best,” she says. “Whether it’s bringing a designer’s vision to life on the runway, or creating the right mood for a fashion editorial.” Originally from Spain, Carolina is usually on the move, but she calls Los Angeles home for the time being. “Spain will always be my home, but I’ve grown into an ‘explorer’ mentality,” she shares. “I’ve lived in London for four years, and now I live in Los Angeles. There’s an alternative scene here full of artists, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I fit in.” From humble beginnings, Carolina first started modeling in her early teens. “Most people think it’s easy to get scouted, but that wasn’t the case for me,” she shares. “I had to fight for it. Success doesn’t simply land at your doorstep; if you really want something, you have to push for it.” When it comes to posing for Playboy, Carolina is thrilled. “I’m so happy and honored to be chosen as a Playmate. When they asked me, at first I thought they were joking,” she laughs. “Normally, as a model, you’re treated as a mannequin, and they don’t care what you think, only how you look. As a Playmate, I have been given so much creative freedom.” Learn more about October 2020 Playmate, Carolina, right here on Playboy Plus!