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Carrie Minter

Carrie Minter


Irvine CA USA


5' 8"

Playboy Muse of the month

February 2005

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Carrie Minter turned in her cowgirl boots when she moved from Texas to the center of Orange County in southern California to pursue a modeling career. Her move paid off, because she’s our Cybergirl of the Month for February 2005. “This feels so great!” says blonde-haired Carrie. “My family is very excited for me.” Carrie’s family has a mixed lineage, which includes Scandinavian, Cherokee Indian, Irish, English, German and Dutch. Miss Minter’s beauty stems from her assorted genetic makeup, and also from the hard work she puts into keeping her physique in great shape. Busty Carrie likes to keep fit at her own exercise studio in Los Angeles with her version of Pilates, which focuses on strength training, toning and cardio. If her beauty and body didn’t turn heads enough, Carrie’s bold personality will definitely turn a man into putty. “I’ve walked up to a guy in a bar, gazed into his eyes and asked him where he was taking me that night,” says Miss Minter. “I’m not shy.” Indeed she isn’t, and that’s why fans love our bold CGOM.