Carrie Westcott

Carrie Westcott


Mission Hills Kansas USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

September 1993

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In the immortal words of Jim Morrison, Carrie Westcott really lights our fire. In southern California, honey-blonde Carrie was raised on a steady diet of sun, sand and psychedelic rock. “You could say that sunshine makes me happy,” she says. “I worship it – I’m a sun goddess!” Carrie has always been a pretty girl, but she’s spiritual, and has a lot more to offer than her good looks. “I was not a happy camper,” she says, describing teen years spent writing poetry in her bedroom. “Sometimes I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs! I don’t think I’m hot stuff – I just have good genes.” When she was sixteen, Carrie’s gene-providers moved her and their family to the San Gabriel Mountains. “It was the complete boonies back then,” she says. “There was nothing to do.” Carrie’s boredom led her to become something of a party girl, dabbling in a healthy bit of mysticism and worshipping bands like The Doors. “I’m a hippie at heart,” says Carrie. “I’m sorry that I missed the Sixties, but I revive them by picking flowers, burning incense and running around naked!” Speaking of which, Miss Westcott came to us – in her Playmate application, she described herself as outgoing and sensual, and just the sort of girl who becomes a Playmate. Without hesitation, we named the lippy hippie our Miss September 1993, delighting fans in California and beyond. “After she made Playmate, Carrie appeared in ads for Pepsi and Budweiser, and did some film and television work, including Lover’s Leap, Fox Hunt and an episode of Erotic Confessions. Though she’s undoubtedly attractive to most men, Carrie’s got her heart set on a soul mate, and preferably, he’ll be the lead singer of a band. “Musicians are my weakness,” she admits. “I always said I was going to marry a rock star, but I believe in soul mates – I’ll know him when I see him.”