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Catalina Ossa

Catalina Ossa
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Catalina Ossa is a model and creative from Phoenix, Arizona. “Everyone knows what it’s like over here in the Valley— hot,” laughs Catalina. “I consider myself a desert baby because I love the hot weather.” A go-getter, Catalina loves to dabble in many creative endeavors but says her passions lie in modeling and drawing. “My occupation? A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little of whatever I set my mind to,” she shares. “Art has always taken up a lot of my time.” As for what makes her who she is? Her caring and confident spirit. “Lots of things make up who I am,” she says. “The main things that stand out are my humor, confidence, and generosity.” Catalina discovered Playboy much like everyone else— it has always been around. “Growing up, the Bunny has always been an iconic symbol for the sex industry,” begins Catalina. “It was something I knew I’d be meant for one way or the other. Simply put, the work I’ve done so far with Playboy has been incredible. I haven’t stopped thinking about the amazing photos we captured.” Catalina shot with Cassandra Keyes in Los Angeles, California. “I love posing nude. I think the body is one of the most beautiful things this world offers,” she says. Learn more about Catalina Ossa here on Playboy Plus.