Cathy Rowland

Cathy Rowland


Los Angeles California USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

August 1971

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A Playmate’s busty, toned figure should be worshipped and treated with the upmost respect. Our sensational Miss August 1971—Cathy Rowland—is a model who’s all-natural body is the definition of perfection and she’s worked hard to maintain its reputation as such. “My ideal meal would have no meat and very little chemically prepared food,” explains the busty blonde from Los Angeles. “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.” From a healthy body to a healthy outlook on life, Cathy believes following your passion and achieving your dreams—no matter how unobtainable they may seem—is the secret to true happiness. “I want to be a professional dancer or a dental assistant. I've done computer data entry, worked at the stock exchange and been a dancer, but if I had more time, I'd dig deeper into the sciences. I've always liked the idea of being a surgical assistant,” says the blue-eyed blonde who is currently pursuing a singing career where she hopes to highlight her unique sound. “Well—contemporary, I guess; not really hard rock, more along the show-tune or ballad line. The song I'm pushing on my demonstration tape is a catchy little number called I Love You, written by some friends of mine. I think it could be a hit, but I need to develop a more complete repertoire—some standards as well as originals—before I can talk an agency or a recording company into taking a chance on me.” Although Cathy has musical talent and a voice that has the potential to launch a career that would make her a household name, it currently isn’t paying the bills. “Sure, I could make more money if I took a full-time job, but I just won't be tied down. So, I work through a temporary-office-help agency in Los Angeles, taking secretarial jobs a few days at a time—for a group of engineers here, contractors there—and, together with a few modeling assignments I get occasionally, that brings in enough bread to pay the rent,” explains our Miss August 1971. “But, music is really my thing. That and dancing. Three times a week I go to dancing class—studying ballet with Gene Marinaccio and modern jazz with Roland Dupree.” With her singing career in its infancy stage and her dance classes well underway, Cathy is ready to take a little break from the hustle and bustle of trying to make a musical career work in a tough city like Los Angeles. “My first love is definitely cooking and keeping a comfortable atmosphere at home. I also play piano, but not often enough,” she says. Another one of her passions is traveling and now more than ever, the busty blonde is in need of a vacation. With a trip planned to Montreal, Canada, Cathy has two items on her vacation agenda: relaxing and finding her ideal man. “I want a musician, about 20, with a soft, low voice, a silent understanding of life and who can communicate with his eyes,” she gushes. Lucky for Cathy Rowland, Montreal is filled with handsome, artistic and eligible men who would love to show our Miss August 1971 un bon temps.


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