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“Boys aren’t the only ones who stole their Dad’s Playboy magazines,” laughs Catjira, a well-known webcam model and collector of vintage Playboy. Now, we’re thrilled to be featuring her on Playboy Plus. “I’ve had an amazing Playboy experience thus far,” she says. “It’s all been empowering and inspiring for me as a woman. I feel absolutely cool being a part of Playboy.” If you’re into cosplay, you may already know a little bit about Catjira. “I am a webcam model who loves to do creative live streams,” she says. “I like creating adult content on my own that is cosplay based. It’s not only fun for me to design costumes, but it allows me to have the confidence to be myself in front of the camera.” When she’s not online, you can usually find Catjira enjoying nature. “I love being outside. I spend so much of my time working indoors,” she says. “I moved across the country to experience the desert and mountains. Whenever I get a moment to go hiking, camping, or stargazing, I will do it!” With that said, for Catjira, being present is so important. “I love everything about life from plants, animals, and the experiences I get to have with people,” she says thoughtfully. “I just hope I get to feel and see every second of it.” Want to get to know Catjira better? Check out her pictorials, right here on Playboy Plus!