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Chanel Elle

Chanel Elle


Newport Beach California USA


5' 4"

Playboy Muse of the month

August 2015

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Chanel Elle is an honest-to-goodness California girl. Hailing from sunny Newport Beach, she’s petite and all natural, with sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and a penchant for the beach. “My dad was a pro surfer, and my mom was a model, so I’ve always been on the go,” says Chanel. “And yes, I’ve always loved the beach! I’m definitely a little sugar cookie.” Chanel started modeling when she was young, and when she turned eighteen, she decided to try out for Playboy. “My mom had been offered a Playboy spread, but she was too busy raising me and my siblings,” she explains. “I guess you might say that I’m following in her footsteps. For me, Playboy is the perfect mix of class and sex appeal, and I definitely consider myself the girl next door.” Her fans are so vocal in their approval that we made Chanel Cybergirl of the Month in August 2015, very fitting for someone so obviously destined for the Bunny. When she’s not in front of the camera, Chanel likes to wind down at home. “A typical night with my girlfriends consists of a few glasses of wine and a little gossip,” she says. “I’m always busy, so it’s nice to just stay home.” As far as men go, Chanel has a type, and that’s just fine by her. “I tend to be attracted to athletes,” she says. “I love blue eyes, nice smiles and big, strong arms. Someone who knows how to touch, and especially how to kiss. And good cologne is a must.” If this is the girl next door, we never, ever want to move.


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