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Charlie Boyde

Charlie Boyde


Boston MA United States


5' 2"

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Amateur Charlie Boyde is a classic Brit – proper, but not prim, and with a good sense of impropriety. Born in Essex, England, Charlie’s based out of Boston, Massachusetts as an international promotional model. This blue-eyed, big-breasted, auburn-haired beauty has done it all - nightclub openings, sports modeling, body painting at a Playboy party – and she’s working toward certification as a Personal Fitness Trainer. Charlie describes herself as “wild and adventurous”, and this English girl can romp with the best of them. “When I’m with the guys, I like to go outside…play sports, work up a sweat…and take off our clothes,” she says. “When I’m with the girls, I like to gossip about what I did with the boys. And have a laugh.” She’s single, and she’s having a lot of fun. “It’s nice to have someone to spoon at night, but there are a lot of fun guys out there,” she says. “I like a guy with a good sense of humor, good hygiene, and a pair of good sneakers. I think they say a lot about a guy.” “Being a Playboy model is exciting,” says Charlie. “I get to visit different places, go to amazing parties, and give what I’ve got to the Playboy community.” As far as Charlie is concerned, life is one big adventure – but she doesn’t let herself get carried away. “I think that it’s important to do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons,” she says. “You should be as honest as you can.”