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Chelsea Brooke

Chelsea Brooke


San Diego CA United States


4' 11"

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Watch out, world because Chelsea Brooke is here to make her mark. The petite brunette is studying merchandise marketing and has big plans for her diploma once she’s graduated. “I go to a fashion school, but ultimately my degree is in business and marketing. I can conquer the world,” says Chelsea who is majoring at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. “I hope to develop an e-commerce site for beauty and fashion retail, and open a chain of healthy fast food restaurants.” The busty California girl loves her school and her classmates –the only downside is she knows she won’t be able to find her Mr. Right there. “Most guys at FIDM are gay. The straight guys are completely brilliant for enrolling in a school filled with beautiful women,” laughs Chelsea. Mr. Right better find our Coed of the Week for June 9, 2011 soon because she is ready and waiting jump his bones. “My grooming style down there would have to follow suit with my heritage so it’s Brazilian,” laughs Chelsea Brooke. Did it just get hot in here?


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