Cherie Witter

Cherie Witter


Everett Washington USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

February 1985

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From a young age, Cherie Witter has been showered with compliments—that she’s beautiful, that she has a unique look and that her long legs were meant to stomp down a catwalk. However, the busty brunette with the full pout had the toughest time convincing modeling agents to feel the same way—they weren’t sold on her too unique. “I’ve always been told I was unique-looking, but unique doesn’t always make it for a model,” says tall Cherie. “Some clients are afraid to take a chance on anything different they’re not sure how the public will react.” Miss Witter may have been a teenager at the time, but that did not mean she was ready to give up. She became extremely dedicated to modeling and eventually she was signed to agencies in New York and Paris—not bad for a girl from the small-town of Everett, Washington. “Paris when I was 18 was really an experience for me,” says Miss February 1985. “Compared with Everett, Paris was like a dream. I'd never been far from home, much less out of the country. I couldn't speak French, but I enjoyed it. I think I appreciate it more now, looking back on it, realizing how beautiful it was and how much I have gotten out of it.” With experience in dossier from New York and Paris, Cherie still had to face adversity in the modeling world from people who believed beautifully busty women don’t possess intelligence. “Because of my looks, people think that I'm not smart, that I don't have anything upstairs and that I'm naive. And along with that comes people's trying to take advantage of you. Well, I just have to watch out for that,” confesses Miss February 1985. “I feel as if, at times in my life, I've been fighting what I have on the outside. I feel that, when people meet me, I don't really have a chance to let them know what I'm about to prove that I'm worth knowing. And I don't like having to prove that to people.” Cherie has nothing to prove to Playboy fans—we know just how beautiful and intelligent she truly is.