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Palm Springs, CA

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Chevelle is a professional model from Palm Springs, California. “It’s very mellow and low-key, which I like,” she says of her hometown. An undeniable presence, we met Chevelle through her photographer, Tina Louis, and knew she would be an exciting addition to Playboy Plus. “I’m passionate about modeling, self-improvement, fashion, and everything that goes into being a girl boss,” says Chevelle. “I take myself and my dreams very seriously and don’t want to stop until I accomplish [my] goals!” Chevelle first encountered Playboy after seeing Celebrity feature Kim Kardashian’s pictorial. “I never thought I would pose nude,” admits Chevelle. “After my mindset changed of it being too explicit, I realized my body is art, and I should show it off as I please!” Chevelle had a great time collaborating with Tina on her shoot. “Thus far, my experience has been enjoyable and rewarding,” she shares. “I had the pleasure of shooting with Tina, who is so passionate about her work.” When she’s not working, Chevelle is often being creative in other forms. “In my spare time, I like to make money,” she laughs. “I like to be creative and do photoshoots for fun to better my portfolio. I also enjoy building my clothing and jewelry brand.” Learn more about Chevelle through her upcoming pictorials right here on Playboy Plus!