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Chloe Emerson

Chloe Emerson


Dallas TX United States


5' 1"

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Petite Chloe Emerson like most coeds, was worried about gaining the dreading Freshman 15 pounds when she started at the University of Texas in Arlington. “I try to eat right even though there are a lot of days when that does not happen,” says the international business and German major. Having such a slim figure is a blessing and a curse for Miss Emerson who does want to gain weight, but wants to do it the right way. “When I work out, I focus on my legs and my butt because I’m so small,” says our blonde-haired Coed of the Week for January 12, 2012. “I do a lot of squats with weight on my shoulders. I don’t do any cardio because I don’t need it.” Dating in college is known to be difficult in college, but Chloe and her exercise partner and boyfriend seems to make it work. “I think having an amazing connection and always communicating with that significant other is the key to having an amazing relationship,” advises Miss Emerson.