Chris Cranston

Chris Cranston


Santa Monica California USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

April 1971

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Santa Monica’s Chris Cranston is a lively blue-eyed blonde who first appeared in Playboy magazine back in 1968 for our Girls of Funny Girl feature. Chris was one of the Florenz Ziegfeld Follies girls who sang and danced with Fanny Brice, played by Academy-Award winner, Barbra Streisand. The exposure the busty blonde received following her movie role and her photos being published in Playboy magazine was lucrative. Not only was she voted our Miss April 1971 and made a regular on the show Playboy After Dark, but the all-natural Californian was asked to show her support for the American troops over in Vietnam by joining a U.S.O. tour. Chris was excited to join the group, but the dangerous nature of her journey was not lost on her. “After landing at a spot near Cao Lahn, we learned from the men that a helicopter trying to land just a few minutes before we arrived had been shot down,” states a distraught Chris. “I'm really glad I didn't know that until we were on the ground.” Her trip to Vietnam—even with its close-calls—was completely worth it in the end and our Playmate of the Month says it’s an experience she will never forget. “What interested me particularly was that this wasn't the usual entertainers' whistle-stopping trip. Instead, the idea was to have us travel into isolated areas of the country, meet the guys stationed there and talk with them at length,” says Chris who recalls how communicating with the Vietnamese at first was a little challenging due to the language barrier. “Through gestures, we were able to speak with one another quite easily. It was gratifying for me to be accepted by them. One old woman gave me a bracelet that signifies everlasting friendship, since it fits snugly and can't be removed. It's now one of my proudest possessions.” Her Vietnamese experience changed not only her view on the world, but also her goals and ambitions. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to become an actress,” says the busty blonde who acted in Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello’s movie, Beach Blanket Bingo. “But, success in films doesn’t matter to me anymore. I’d like to continue with modeling and a little acting, and I hope to get involved in insurance in some way. I'd also like to be a wife and mother.” Looking for a new location to go along with her new outlook, our Miss April 1971 began to sell her possessions in California because her new life in Hawaii was going to be about peace of mind and simplicity. “Seeing the informality of everything over there made me realize what a silly rat-race existence I've been leading. The North Shore way of life isn't like a commune. Most of the people work in Honolulu. But, it's communal in the sense that many of them share their possessions: clothing, food, practically anything. I just can't wait to get back there to stay. I talked it over with my folks and they approve of the idea. That's important to me because I value their opinions,” explains Chris. “With the money I can get for my things, plus the amount I've already saved, I can buy a van and not have to work for a while. I'll stay in Hawaii for as long as the cash holds out and take life easy and simply find my head. Since I won’t be working for some time, I plan to spend every day on the beach.” Look out for beautiful Chris Cranston if you’re ever walking along the sandy beaches of Hawaii.