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Chrissa Carolyn

Chrissa Carolyn


Tempe AZ USA


5' 8"

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Attending a school like Arizona State University, means students will not only receive an academic education, but they will also get a social education. “There's an ASU's famous ‘Undie Run’ in May, where students streak around campus then party the night away. It's a blast,” says tall Chrissa Carolyn. “Last year, I participated wearing booty shorts and a bra.” However, that’s not the craziest thing the voluptuous brunette has seen on campus. “I would have to say it was seeing two girls getting it on in the middle of a party,” says our Coed of the Month for December 2010. As a psychology major at ASU, Chrissa loves to help people and hopes to combine that passion with her rowdy attitude. “I want to focus on human sexual behavior, maybe become a sex therapist,” says the coed. Sign us up for an appointment anytime.