Christina Ferguson

Christina Ferguson


Phoenix Arizona USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

April 1983

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Every month, fans wait with bated breath to see who Playboy’s next Playmate of the Month will be and this month will surely not leave anyone disappointed. Christina Ferguson is an Air Force brat who was unprepared for the hard work required to be a successful Playmate, but she was more than ready to take on the challenge. “I don’t know what I expected. I had this fantasy that a Playmate just took off her clothes, someone took a few pictures and the piece appeared in the magazine. We worked for weeks on this shooting. It wasn’t like a vacation,” explains the surprised all-natural brunette. “Someone from Playboy called and said they wanted to me to Martha’s Vineyard. I thought they were talking about a restaurant. For all of my travels, I’d never been to New England. Its 50 degrees in these pictures. That’s cold!” Finding a state Christina hasn’t lived in is quite a feat. By her late teens, our Miss April 1983 had already called over 15 states home and you bet she has her favorites. “I liked Alabama. I lived there in my pre-shampoo age, fifth to eighth grade. I had braces. No boyfriends. My mother ran a bar. We had a lot of river-rat friends. Have you ever cooked a pig in the dirt?” asks Christina. “I liked Las Vegas. It's a big little town. Where else can you see a show or a movie or go skiing? Where else does your high school class hold its graduation at the Aladdin Hotel or its prom at Caesars Palace? I loved dressing up in gowns, being chauffeured around in limousines.” The fast-paced city of Las Vegas was a turning point for our rambling Playmate. It forced her to grow up quickly and develop of real sense of what she wants and who she is. The first thing she learned in Vegas was she was considered a showstopper. “My girlfriend and I once walked down the Strip in Las Vegas and counted the number of times people honked at us—385 times. But, you can't take this seriously. The only way to deal with it is not to deal with it,” says Christina. With that type of mentality, it really made us wonder why exactly did she choose to pose for Playboy and amass legions of Playboy fans. Her answer surprised us and herself in the process. “I did it for a lark. For the test shots, we took a couple of bottles of champagne out into the desert,” smiles our Playmate. “What do I have to say about these pictures? Well, I’ve always enjoyed lying around naked with eight or ten people taking pictures. It was a fantasy come true. Just kidding. It was hard work. I hope you like the results.” We absolutely love them.