Christina Leardini

Christina Leardini


St. Petersburg Florida USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

April 1991

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Christina Leardini is a goddess, domestic and otherwise. Born in St. Petersburg, Florida, Christina owes her sultry good looks to a Saudi father and American mother – their union was brief, but they produced an undeniably beautiful daughter, one whose image we were only too happy to reproduce for the pages of Playboy. At 5’8”, with dark hair, green eyes and superior bone structure, Christina looks like a Calvin Klein model, and she doesn’t even have to try – she loves to eat anything “messy, meaty, cheesy and saucy”, and you’re more likely to find her in the kitchen than at the gym. “I’m turned on by simple kindness and heart-to-heart talks,” says Christina. “And slow, soft kisses!” Under an alias, Leardini auditioned with Playboy, aiming for newsstand Special Editions, before hitting the big time as Miss April 1991. Despite her success, Christina insists that behind the scenes, she’s nothing special, though we beg to differ – her first act as a Playmate was to launch a letter-writing campaign to soldiers stationed in Saudi Arabia. What a sweetheart. “My personality doesn’t match my looks,” says Christina. “I’m a nerd trapped in a model’s body! Around the house I wear a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt, high tops and a ponytail.” Happily married to a second husband in St. Petersburg, with a young son, Christina is not your average Playmate – rather than VIP table service, she’s happiest at her own table, heaping servings of spaghetti onto her family’s plates. “My idea of a good time is watching cartoons with my son, or eating pizza with my husband,” she says. “Good health, true love, stability and financial security are my goals…in other words, a perfect life.” Professing a love for comedy – she loves to laugh, and her favorite show is Saturday Night Live – Christina tried her hand at acting, landing small roles in Dream Trap and Anarchy TV. From struggling single motherhood to marriage, a modeling career and Playmate-hood? Talk about a modern-day Cinderella story.


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