Christina Smith

Christina Smith


Miami FL USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

March 1978

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Playmate Christina Smith was a rough-and-tumble tomboy growing up in California. Wrestling, playing football and climbing trees were just some of the blue-eyed blonde’s hobbies. “I still think I'm one of the best tree climbers around, and I still love to wrestle,” admits our Miss March 1978. “Particularly with a man. But, I've given up football. I'm not, uh, lean all over, like I used to be.” While Playboy fans know Christina as a busty, all-natural bombshell, she was far from the Playmate we see today during her high school days. “To the kids I grew up with in Orange County, I was just Tina, the grubby kid who wore baggy pants and sloppy T-shirts,” explains our Playmate of the Month who moved to Kansas for her final year of high school. “But, when I got to Salina, well, I was ‘a California girl,’ and I got a lot of attention. I started wearing real short miniskirts and my body filled out.” Men began to fall to their knees when they crossed paths with Christina, begging her to take their business cards. The day we met her to discuss the theme of her Playmate pictorial, we had to wait for her potential suitors to finish wooing her so we could discuss important Playboy matters. “This one is a photographer. He offered to do my portfolio for nothing. A real-estate man wants me to model on the front lawns of his properties. And here's one from the president of a disco. Wow,” says our surprised Miss March 1978 who loves the attention her admirers bestow on her. “I kind of like it. I have this fantasy of seeing a man, say in a movie theater, and going to a hotel room with him and making love in total anonymity. No names, no words, and then just parting, with no questions asked.” Anyone would be thrilled to make Christina’s anonymous fantasy come true, but her former Orange County class of ’75 classmates are vying for that top spot, especially since they didn’t give the attention she deserved back in the day. “When I came back to California at 18, I visited my old neighborhood. All of a sudden, I was being hit on by the same guys who had never paid any attention to me before,” explains the tomboy-turned-busty blonde. “By then, I wasn't the slightest bit interested in them.” Their loss is every Playboy fans’ gain and even though our Miss March 1978 admits her former wrestling buddies have no chance of getting with her, she is still looking for her perfect man—or, rather, her perfect men. “I like the idea of making love to two men at the same time. I think I would really enjoy that. The thought of being fondled by two men is very stimulating. But, basically, I guess I prefer just one man. Even with two, I probably would concentrate my attention on one man at a time,” blushes Christina. “My best relationships aren’t with men to whom I’m drawn sexually. If the attraction is sexual, once it’s satisfied, I lose interest.” Christina Smith is the reason why everyone should be kind to their classmates in high school because you never know who’s going to grow up and become our Miss March 1978.