Christine Maddox

Christine Maddox


Tracy CA USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

December 1973

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Our voluptuous Miss December 1973 is a small-town girl with long, dark-brown hair who was blissfully unaware of what lied outside of her hometown. Christine Maddox’s perception of the world was drastically altered when she began modeling and was obligated to travel for work. “My hometown has a high school, one theater and one bowling alley,” says the all-natural brunette of Tracy, CA. It’s safe to assume that when Christine found herself in Hong Kong for work, her senses went wild between the aromas, bright colors and flashing lights of the city. “I’m up for almost anything now,” states the tall beauty with her big, brown eyes gleaming. Our humble Playmate of the Month definitely tested her willingness to try anything when she chose to try out for Playboy—a decision she didn’t think her large family would have approved of. “I have an older brother, four older sisters and one younger sister (age 7),” laughs Christine who also has eight nieces and nephews. “I'd love to do more modeling.” Much to her surprise, her family approved of her choice to test for Playmate, however, they are still having a tough time coming to terms with her no longer living in Tracy. Trading in the quiet town for bustling streets of Long Beach in Los Angeles was a culture shock of sorts for Christine, but she feels right at home when she’s out riding her motorcycle. On days where she’s unable to indulge in her adrenaline-pumping ways, she’ll ride her ten-speed bicycle instead. However, being the trusting, small-town beauty she is, Christine isn’t accustomed to locking up her bike once she finished using it—much to her dismay. “I left it unlocked for all of five minutes!” she says of precious bicycle which was stolen in front of her apartment. “Back home, everybody knew everybody else, but here, I'd smile at people and they wouldn't smile back. Eventually, I got used to it.” No matter how used to the big city she becomes, Christine’s gentle soul will never be tarnished by the rough, city folk she encounters. Simply asking her who her hero is demonstrates just how pure her heart truly is. “I admire Walt Disney, for all the happiness he has brought to so many people,” smiles Christine. “Once at Disneyland, Porky Pig was picking out girls to dance with during a show, and when he picked me, I was so embarrassed I started running through the crowd—with the Big Bad Wolf chasing me. Next time I'll know what they're up to in advance and I'll sneak away before they notice me.” Call her naïve, call her enchanted or call her sweet and simple—to us, Christine Maddox will always be our precious Miss December 1973.