Christine Smith

Christine Smith


San Dimas CA United States


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

December 2005

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Use your animal instincts with Christine Smith, our Miss December 2005. From San Dimas, California, she has copper-red hair, blue eyes and a full bust – and she’s full to bursting with drive and ambition. “I’m a real animal lover,” she says. “I do rescue and volunteer work. My dream is to be a veterinarian.” To date, Christine has rescued over a hundred sick or injured animals – and has won the hearts of thousands of admiring men. A stamp-maker in Britain was so taken with her that he printed a limited edition stamp in her likeness. “I have to get to know a guy before I can date him,” she says, letting us down easy. “And if my dog doesn’t like him, then I don’t, either.” Christine had modeling experience, but her career with Playboy was a happy accident – she went with a friend to her casting, and veteran photographer Stephen Wayda asked to take her picture. A week later, she tested for Playmate, and was named Miss December 2005. And what a career it has been – she’s a successful model and hostess, and has been featured in more than a dozen issues of Special Editions. And she doesn’t sit still for a minute – when she’s not working, she’s going to Pilates class, riding her bike, walking her dog, and soaking up all that Southern California has to offer. “I love it here,” she says. “I can spend the day at the beach, and the night at a cabin in the mountains.”