Cindy Brooks

Cindy Brooks


Gettysburg Pennsylvania USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

April 1985

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Cindy Brooks wasn’t always interested in world history—that was until she found herself in the classrooms of professors who were enthusiastic about their material. “They were smart enough to get away from wars and what years they happened and who was President at the time— all the boring things. The result is that I am so much more interested in politics now,” says the all-natural blonde who earned her history degree at High Point College. “Living in Gettysburg, having so much history around me, probably influenced my decision to choose a history major.” Our voluptuous Playmate of the Month has quite the interesting history herself—she was raised living out every child’s dream, thanks to her father’s lucrative yet whimsical business venture. “My father was one of the first people, along with Walt Disney, to build a storybook park. It was called Fantasyland, and I grew up with that as my backyard,” smiles blue-eyed Miss April 1985. During her college years, she worked at Fantasyland, dressing up as Little Bopeep and Little Red Ridinghood on the weekends. However, Miss Brooks felt she needed to do more with her life—she’s a regal and classic American woman who wants to educate men and women about etiquette. Miss April 1985 has some pressing advice for men—“I think it's terrific when men cook, too, and give the woman a break. Boy, is that nice! Good for them, I say. And you know, it certainly doesn't take anything away from their masculinity.” But, Cindy also has much more important advice for women, especially on the subject of equality. “I have definite feelings about women's lib. I think the main idea is terrific. I think they've gotten carried away with it. I don't want to say that women shouldn't be equal to men, but let's not lose our sensitivity and our femininity,” confesses the Playmate who’s acted on Days of Our Lives. “One of our greatest joys is doing something for a man who appreciates it. I can't help thinking that all those women who don't want to do things for men have men around who don't appreciate them.” Miss Brooks’ final piece of etiquette advice is to date with purpose—find someone to spend your life with because there’s nothing classy about bar-hopping and bed-hopping. “When you get down to basics, such as what we're all here for, for most of us, it's to find someone you love and have children and be happy while you're on this earth,” says Cindy. Miss Brooks truly is an American beauty.