Colleen Marie

Colleen Marie


Oklahoma City OK USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

August 2003

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Playmate Colleen Marie knows a thing or two about the laws of nature – and especially about animal attraction. Born in Oklahoma, raised in Texas and educated in Baton Rouge, all-natural Colleen studied veterinary medicine at Louisiana State, becoming our first-ever Playmate-slash-active veterinarian. “I’m not a Southern belle,” she says. “I grew up doing outdoor chores, going fishing and camping. I’d say that I’m a tomboy!” A few spur-of-the-moment modeling gigs in college led to an appearance in our Girls of the SEC 2001 pictorial, and before she knew it, Colleen was our Miss August 2003. “I have a bit of a split personality,” she says. “The doctor side and the wild side. I have a few body piercings!” After she made Playmate, Colleen mixed it up in Las Vegas, where she worked for one of Sin City’s best-known exotic clinics. “In Vegas, you see anything and everything,” she says. When she’s modeling – or saving animals’ lives, for that matter – Colleen is cool and casual, and she spends her free time hiking, cooking and baking, and spending time with family and friends. “In a man, I look for honesty, a sense of humor and good manners,” she says. “I’ll forgive anything, as long as you’re honest…but don’t use pick-up lines!” In recent years, Colleen has appeared on an episode of Fear Factor, played the lead in a horror movie, and continues to practice veterinary medicine. With the body of a goddess and a heart of gold, Colleen Marie can do no wrong, and that feels just about right to us.