Crystal McCahill

Crystal McCahill


River Forest IL USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

May 2009

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Playboy history repeats itself with Crystal McCahill, our Miss May 2009. She’s our second-ever second-generation Playmate – she’s the daughter of Gale Olson, Miss August 1968. “My mom is very supportive of my work,” she says. “She’s so excited for me.” Born in Illinois, Crystal spent her childhood in Hawaii, where she attended a Japanese school. Later, her family moved back to Chicago, and Crystal got her first job at a pizza parlor. “I had to lie to get the job,” she says. “I was only fourteen.” She’s come a long way since then – she’s a successful model and event coordinator, and a regular at the Playboy Mansion. Crystal’s mom said in her own Playmate interview that she wanted a big family – “Having six brothers and three sisters really taught me a lot about sharing things, materially and emotionally,” said Gale – and sure enough, Crystal has two brothers and four sisters. “I can’t imagine life without them,” she says. “I can’t wait to get married and have a family of my own.” Crystal was one of five finalists in our 55th Anniversary Playmate Search, and on her way out of the casting, she ran into the Girls Next Door. “Bridget asked if she could interview me for her radio show,” says Crystal. “A few days later, I ran into the director of photography at a restaurant, and I knew it was meant to be.” These days Miss McCahill lives in in Chicago, where she’s the resident party girl – she hosts at bars and clubs all over the country, and her Twitter feed is a string of neon-lit nights out. She wrote a column for us on the subject, Get a Nightlife, and she appeared on The Girls Next Door and The Bunny House. “I used to work behind the bar,” says Crystal, laughing. “I guess those days are behind me.”