Dani Mathers

Dani Mathers


Los Angeles CA United States


5' 1"

Playmate of the month

May 2014

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Dani Mathers describes herself as “spontaneous and wild”, and she’s got the record to back it up. In her years with Playboy, she’s posed for countless pictorials and videos and appeared on several PlayboyTV shows—Playboy Trip, Badass and Camp Playboy, to name a few. She’s petite at 5’1” and a hundred pounds, with blonde hair, brown eyes and a couple of tattoos—a heart on her wrist and the words bella faccia, Italian for ‘pretty face’—on her foot. “I’m from a big Jewish-Italian family,” she explains. “I was brought up playing in the mud, cheerleading and playing volleyball, and I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I’m a bit of a Jane of all trades.” Dani is a model and an actress—since she was fifteen, she’s played Danica on The Bold and the Beautiful—and here at Playboy, she’s played the roles of Cybergirl and Playmate, taking a turn as Miss May 2014. For her outstanding performance, she was awarded Playmate of the Year 2015. “Playboy changed my life,” says Dani, stifling a grin. “I never thought that any of this would happen to me—the places I’ve gone, the people I’ve met—and I’m so grateful for the opportunity. Being Playmate of the Year is the greatest moment of my career!” When she’s not working, you might find Dani playing Call of Duty on the couch with the guys, but you’re more likely to find her having a sleepover on the couch with her girlfriends. “We get into the ugliest PJ’s we can find, pig out, take photos and watch old movies,” she says. “I love my girly time.” When the mud mask comes off, so do the gloves—despite her small stature, Dani packs some serious heat. “I shoot guns,” she says, a little menacingly. “Big guns! Unloading a round or five takes the pressure off.” You’d think that becoming Playmate of the Year would be enough for Dani, but ever on the go, she’s got plans for days, months and years to come. “Next up, I’m gonna land my own talk show,” she says. “I love talking to people.” Interested parties take note—among Miss Mathers’ favorite subjects are animal rights, fitness, and of course, food. “I have a special talent of messing everything up in the kitchen,” she admits. “A man who can cook and grill has my heart forever. I really enjoy caring for somebody and being cared for. It’s a tough job at times, but you know I love a challenge!”


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