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Daniella Smith

Daniella Smith
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If there’s one word to describe Daniella Smith, it’s passionate. An immensely talented woman, Daniella is most known for her art and her practice as a yoga instructor on our Playboy TV series, “Early Bird Yoga.” “Healing arts are my thing,” she says. Also a singer-songwriter, Daniella is dedicated to reaching others with her work. “I live on a sailboat where I write and record my music. [I’m] always learning and expanding,” she says. “I feel my music is worthy of connecting with. Music has taught me to be patient, lose my unreasonable fears, and stay true to myself!” When she’s not creating or keeping fit and focused with yoga, you can find her on the beach, dabbling in other art forms, and spending time with friends. Make sure to check out episodes of “Early Bird Yoga,” with Daniella on Playboy TV and right here on Playboy Plus!