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Debbie Boyde

Debbie Boyde


Queensland Australia Australia


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Meet Coed Debbie Boyde, a flossy Aussie from Queensland. She’s sweet, with long brown hair, wide brown eyes and a heart-shaped face. “I had a rather unusual upbringing,” says Debbie. “I went to sixteen different schools. My parents were hippies, and we traveled Australia – the continent – by bus.” The family even raised kangaroos as food. “The tail’s the best part,” she says, laughing. “It’s got a lot of protein.” Debbie flew to the States to shoot her pictorial, and she loves the people, the places – and best of all, the food. “I just tried Taco Bell,” she says. “All we have in Australia is McDonald’s. And Mexican food back home doesn’t compare. I just love life – traveling and meeting new people”. By day, Debbie studies environmental science. “I wear a lab coat to class. And sometimes I don’t wear anything else – except for my pocket protector. She laughs, and then changes the subject. “No, but really – I’m interested in the environment and its sustainability,” she explains. “And I get to do something different every day – right now I’m doing geology, so I’m taking soil samples – and next up is ecology.” Debbie is also a trained dancer – she studied tap, jazz, ballet and musical theater, and earned an advanced diploma in dance and dramatic arts. She works nights as a go-go dancer in a local cabaret. “It’s a great job,” she says. “I get to wear amazing costumes – but best of all, I get to be myself.” In her free time she hangs out at home with her family and their several parrots, playing computer and video games. “I’ve got a Nintendo DS,” she says. “I love all the little games. My favorites are Tetris, Zelda and Tekken.” She’s dating, and she doesn’t have a type, but she does have a few things in mind. “He has to like video games and chicken wings,” she says. “And he can’t take longer getting ready in the bathroom than me!” So how does Debbie feel about being a Playboy model? “Playboy is like, the ultimate,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to do it. I found the magazine under my dad’s bed when I was younger, and I thought the models were beautiful – especially Pamela Anderson.” For now, Debbie is focusing on her education, but she had a great time on set with our photographers, and she’s open to a career in modeling. “I never thought I’d be a Playboy model,” she says. “It’s a big tick off my bucket list!”


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