Debbie Davis

Debbie Davis


Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

June 1972

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Here at Playboy, we like to believe everything happens for reason and that means if a model is meant to be Playmate, the universe will see to her becoming one. Take for instance our Miss June 1972 who upon graduating from John Burroughs High School in Burbank, had no idea what she wanted to do next—attend college or become a flight attendant. The discussion proved to be too much for the young brunette, therefore, she decided to dip her toes in the pool of a life instead of choosing either an academic or mile-high career. “I love to have fun and travel. I love to be constantly on the go, no matter what I'm doing,” says Debbie Davis, an all-natural beauty who was born in Pittsburgh. “Eventually, I’d like to become an airline stewardess and eventually settle down and raise a family.” Until that day comes, Debbie spends practically every day sunning herself either at the beach—one of the incredible perks that comes with living in California. “I need to be outdoors. In my spare time, I spend all of my days off at the beach,” she says. After nearly two years of working as an information operator for Pacific Telephone, she found herself analyzing her life choices again by the marina when luck struck her like the Empire State building during a lightning storm. Debbie saw a custom-made boat with two men on it whom she immediately recognized as the fathers of her former high school classmates. The men, Ed DeLong and Bud Bailey—company president and designer, respectively, of Spectra Marine—are known for their fiberglass, custom vessels and for their recent business boom. After a custom Spectra boat was part of Sharon Clark’s Playmate of the Year prizes in 1971, the boat company saw a vast increase in revenue by customers wanting a boat that was good enough for a Playmate. Spectra Marine scooped up Debbie and hired her to being their girl Friday where she provided potential clients with test rides near their office in Long Beach. “This job is too good to be true,” she says. “I’m just an ordinary person except, I guess, that I’m even more bothered than most people by the idea of being cooped up. I always have to be on the go.” At the moment, Debbie is exactly that—always on the go—especially since her boss, Ed DeLong, introduced her to his friends, Bill and Mel Figge who happen to be photographers for Playboy. The Figgs know Playmate potential when they see it and after taking one look of Debbie, they knew—she had to be our Playmate of the Month. “I just believe whatever happens happens,” says our voluptuous Miss June 1972. “There's no reason to worry and be upset about it.” With Debbie Davis as our Playmate of the Month, what is there ever to be upset about?


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