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Debra Ling

Debra Ling


West Hollywood CA USA


5' 4"

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“The first thing I look at is a man’s smile,” admits California girl Debra Ling. “It stands out and always grabs my attention. I look at teeth, too. I want a clean guy.” Debra attracts quite a bit of male attention at school due to her petite figure, long chestnut-brown hair and exotic look. The voluptuous Chinese-American loves a funny man who isn’t speaking to her for her body. But if she catches a man staring everywhere but her eyes, she will not hesitate to put him in his place. “I'm full of great energy. Time spent with me will always be action-packed,” says the Asian beauty. Communications major Debra isn’t much for partying. She would rather stay in and cuddle if she doesn’t have to study. “I'm a huge film buff and watch movies whenever I get the chance,” says our Cybergirl of the Week for October 23, 2006. “I love horror movies and being scared.” Miss Ling is undeniably confident, blunt and brave.