Debra Peterson

Debra Peterson


Santa Monica CA USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

June 1976

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Playmate Debra Peterson is a proud California girl who was born in Santa Monica and grew up in the suburb of Rolling Hills. At the age of six, the all-natural brunette developed a passion for horses and would ride her horse up and down the trails near her home from dusk till dawn. “I love to ski, fly, horseback ride, swim or practice ballet,” says Debra. “My ambition is to train jumpers (horses).” Her equestrian desire was put on hold when her parents divorced when she was 15 years old and one of the casualties of the divorce was Debbie’s horse which had to be sold. “I’m not interested in modeling for recognition—just for money,” says our voluptuous Miss June 1976 who recently purchased her own thoroughbred horse which she keeps at a stable in Rolling Hills. “And I’ve never had any desire to act. I don’t want to be a star. And I don’t like being the center of attention.” Debbie may not enjoy being the beacon of focus, but she is far from being labeled a woman who keeps her opinions to herself. “Sex is an important part of anyone’s life; if your sex life isn’t good, you end up bitching at everyone. I enjoy sex with no qualifications—as long as it’s one on one. I don’t go for orgies,” states our outspoken Playmate of the Month. “I wouldn’t say I’m into women’s lib. When I eventually get married, I’d just as soon stay home and putter around the house while my man goes out to work. Of course, I don’t plan on getting married for a while.” Until she takes that walk down the aisle and makes the upkeep of her home her career, Debra will continue to ride her horse, pose for Playboy and model for commercials. The longer she stays unhitched and makes a name for herself in the modeling world, the more our Miss June 1976 admits she finds herself getting further and further away from the idea of being a stay-at-mom. “My parents didn’t like the first two guys I lived with, but they like my present boyfriend. As they see it, I do a lot of crazy things—and they think he’s straight enough to keep me straight,” admits Debbie. “I'd like to be a fashion buyer or something like that. So, I'll most likely be going back to school in a year or two. Actually, I hate school—but everyone says it's necessary if you want a job that pays well.” Whatever Debra Peterson chooses to do, Playboy fans will always fully support her.