Devin DeVasquez

Devin DeVasquez


Baton Rouge Louisiana USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

June 1985

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When Devin DeVasquez posed for Playboy as a coed back in 1981 for our Girls of the Southeastern Conference, her happiness was clouded by the backlash she suffered by her school, Louisiana State University. “I lost a student job with the state revenue department,” says the busty brunette. “I asked the person who fired me, ‘what does this have to do with my job?’ What hypocrites! How can they buy the magazine, then have the nerve to criticize?” The all-natural model with Spanish and Cajun roots was completely justified in her outrage and it was this hypocrisy that promoted her to move from the South to North. “Down South, people tend to pass judgment. I’m different. Once I got out, I wanted to do everything. I like being feminine and sexy,” admits the Baton Rouge native. “Even though I’ve moved North, I like being a Southern girl. I think South has a nice approach to like.” Moving to Chicago to pursue a modeling career wasn’t exceptionally easy for the shy beauty who would become paralyzed with fear during a casting call, but after pushing herself to achieve her goal she became unstoppable. “You can put me into any situation and I'll adjust,” admits our Playmate of the Month. “I've discovered that what you give out is what you get back. I've been striving to be a better model, a better friend, a better lover, and the results are starting to come back to me.” Once we dominated the modeling world and claimed the title of Miss June 1985, Devin set her sights on showing the world her vocal talent and auditioned for Star Search. “They called me back to compete, but I was busy doing the Playmate Playoffs show for The Playboy Channel,” says Miss DeVasquez. “I sent flowers to the producer and asked him to think of me in the future. Apparently, he did. One of the other girls they had chosen dropped out, so I got a call late in the season, went on—and won.” She stunned the nation and Playboy fans with her terrific voice and even though she admits to being incredibly nervous, no one was the wiser—especially when she collected the winning check for $100,000. “I bought a car, put the rest of the money away and forgot about it. It’s given me an umbrella so that I can pursue my acting career,” says Devin. Hollywood did come calling—she has since appeared in films like Can’t Buy Me Love and her webseries, The Bay which she producers with her husband Ronn Moss, won a Daytime Emmy award for Best Drama. “In this business, you’re only as good as the last thing you’ve done. Being a Playmate was special. Winning Star Search was special. Now I’m on to other things,” says Miss June 1985.