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Devin Justine

Devin Justine


Westlake Village California USA


5' 6"

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Cybergirl Devin Justine is an out-and-out California girl. She’s Swedish and Cherokee Indian, with long blonde hair, downy brown eyes and full lips. She makes her home in Westlake Village, a planned community on the west side of Los Angeles County. “I grew up too fast,” says Devin. “I got married and had kids – the whole shebang. Now I’m a single mom, and I’m trying to be independent and set a good example for my daughter. Westlake is nice and quiet – a very good place to raise a family.” Devin works hard as a bartender and Hooters girl, and in her free time she likes to draw and paint, listen to new music, and spend time at the beach with her kids. She’s single, and she’s looking for a guy who’s confident – not arrogant – with well-developed senses of humor and style. “I don’t like dating,” she says. “I prefer to be in a relationship. Even the little things – like grocery shopping – are better done together. That said, I’d love to be taken out for dinner.” She has some experience as a model, but this is her first time posing nude. “I was scouted for Playboy Plus,” says Devin, “and I was so excited to get the call back. If there’s one company I want to work for, it’s Playboy – hands down. No one makes a woman look more beautiful, and being able to say that I’m a Playboy model is really cool.”