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Diana Rose

Diana Rose


United States


5' 4"

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Amateur Diana Rose comes to you from Los Angeles, California. She’s Russian, all natural, with blonde hair, dark green eyes and sharp but well-rounded features. “My parents are Russian, and I grew up in a traditional Russian community in West Hollywood,” she says. “I’m bilingual – I speak English and Russian, and I think that lends me a unique sense of perspective.” She’s a full-time student at the University of California at Davis – “I’m undecided, but I’m leaning toward pre-law,” she says, thoughtful – and she spends most of her time in the library, poring over her texts. She studies hard, so when she’s not at school, Diana likes to take it easy. She likes a hot shower and a good book – “I’ve always got a book going,” she says – but she’s young, and she likes to goof off with her friends, too. “We’re pretty silly,” she says. “We hang out around the apartment, talking and making drinks. On the weekend we go snowboarding at Big Bear.” She’s also a professional Latin ballroom dancer and practices often. “I’ve been dancing for about ten years, and I placed first in a statewide competition. I do salsa, cha cha, samba – all of the above.” She only recently started modeling – a friend of hers had been cast with Playboy, and she decided to give it a try. Diana didn’t have to try too hard. “I submitted a few photos and videos, and I was invited to a casting,” she says. “A few hours before we were scheduled to meet, they called and told me that someone else had canceled – they wanted me to come in and shoot without a test.” It was her first time posing nude, and she was a bit hesitant, but Carlos Nunez and his crew warmed her up with soft lights and a retro-styled set. “Playboy is just so cool,” she says. “The models are beautiful, and the nudity is very tasteful. The pictures came out great, and I can’t wait to do it again.” She has all the newness of an Amateur and the style and poise of a Playmate – a single rose says more than a dozen ever will, and Diana is one in a million. Diana talked to us about her biggest turn-ons and keeping in shape in her Facetime interview.