Dona Speir

Dona Speir


Norwalk California USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

March 1984

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Models—even Playboy models—may have angelic faces and heavenly figures, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t bad girls at some point. Take for instance our voluptuous Miss March 1984—the youngest of six kids who was starved for attention and found it in the worst possible ways. Failing her classes and always searching for trouble with her gang of trouble-seeking friends, Dona Speir found herself doing questionable activities like dismantling two telephone booths for the hell of it. “All of my siblings were wonderful students in school and they all went to college and they all work in the dental profession, except my brother who's in the Service. God, I knew I did not want to become a hygienist,” says the troublesome curly-haired blonde with the most innocent-seeming blue eyes. “All my sisters do it and my older brother was a lab man once and my brothers-in-law are in the business.” Leaving her rebellious days in the past through the strict discipline of modeling, our Playmate found herself volunteering at a drug and alcohol problem which changed her perception on life. “That will get you grateful, yeah. And all of a sudden, you don't have any problems. It was part of my therapy. My worst days are when the whole world revolves around Dona. When I can't get out of myself enough to say, ‘Whoa, there're other things going on!’” confesses Miss Speir. “When I get in the, ‘I want, I want, I want’ syndrome, boy, I'm just miserable. And I'm real unhappy and I'm real unpleasant to be around. Being grateful helps me. Being grateful for what I've got.” Now that she’s our Playmate of the Month, Dona is beaming with gratitude and as for our love-struck Playboy fans, they never want to see her leave the world of modeling. “How long will I model? Well, I believe I’ll go crazy before I get too old for this business. If anything drives me out, it’ll be insanity, not stretch marks,” says Dona. That’s a promise we hope she keeps.