Donna Edmondson

Donna Edmondson


Greensboro North Carolina USA


5' 10"

Playmate of the month

November 1986

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“I had never modeled professionally and suddenly, I’m a Playmate,” giggles Miss November 1986. “I even set a record by doing my centerfold in one day. In the real-estate world, that’s a ‘cold-call close’: an on-the-spot sale!” Donna Edmondson is a natural born model with long longs—she is 5 feet 10 inches tall—and her all-natural D-cup bust, which she says, is all thanks to Mom. “When I’m on the beach, I’m sure people think these are fake—that I had a boob job or something. My mom has very large breasts, too and Dad was always trying to get her to pose for Playboy,” says the dark-haired real estate agent from Greensboro, North Carolina. “She never did, so he suggested I try. And I made it!” And boy, did she ever make it. After appearing on the pages of Playboy magazine as Miss November 1986, fans went wild for voluptuous Donna and they made their love for her known. “I was shocked. I thought only people like Elvis Presley got fan mail. But suddenly, everyone was inviting me everywhere—businessmen, college guys, the Army, and the Navy,” says Miss Edmondson. “I never imagined it would go this far. I didn’t think I was pretty enough to test for Playboy, let alone be Playmate of the Month. Now, I’m Playmate of the Year! This has really been a dream come true.” Miss 1987 is a Playmate dream come true for the fans—and it seems that her high school classmates knew this long before Playboy did, when the yearbook committee at her high school voted her Most Likely to Be a Bunny. “I didn’t go with anybody in high school. The only time I had a boyfriend was when I was four,” admits Miss Edmondson. “He pushed me off the sliding board and I needed 13 stitches in my chin. He wasn’t my boyfriend after that. Still, I do love men.” Our Playmate of the Year may love her male counterparts, but that doesn’t mean that her modesty will go by the wayside. “Virginity isn't something you discuss. I'm not ashamed of still having mine, mind you,” says Miss 1987. “I’m sure I’ll find him one day, but sometimes I feel a little disappointed that I don’t have someone with whom I could share this wonderful experience.” Don’t feel too bad for Miss 1987—the optimistic beauty couldn’t be happier about the direction her life has taken. “I’m having the time of my life,” laughs Donna.