Elilith Noir

Elilith Noir


Prague, Czech Republic


5' 8"

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Elilith Noir is friendly, passionate, and absolutely beautiful. Coming to Playboy Plus from a small town in the Czech Republic, this European model is all about enjoying life. Having entered into the modeling industry, “by accident,” she began modeling in college. “I was 18, studying at my University and modeling for nude figure drawings,” says Elilith who majored in literature and art. “My parents are nudists, so nudity was never a crime for me. I just feel natural. At first, modeling was just to support my studies and after I received my diploma, it became a full-time job. I love it with all my heart!” Since then she’s been on the cover of Maxim and is now thrilled to be posing for Playboy. “I first heard about Playboy when I found [my dad's] magazines when I was 11,” she says. “I remember I was more fascinated by the exotic locations than the nudity,” she laughs. “Before I started modeling, I had never been abroad and here I am now, shooting with Playboy in Thailand. Life can be so funny sometimes,” she says with a smile. Get to know more about the down-to-earth and beautiful, Elilith Noir, right here on Playboy Plus!