Elisa Bridges

Elisa Bridges


Miami Florida USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

December 1994

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Though she’s most assuredly a woman, Elisa Bridges would rather be known as one of the guys. “No, I’m serious,” she says, a smile flashing across her pretty face. “I prefer the company of men.” In that case, Texas-born Elisa is in good company with Playboy. Raised in the small town of Flower Mound, Elisa learned a lot from her parents – her father works in oil and her mother is a travel agent, so she’s spent time and absorbed the culture in exotic places, like Yemen and Spain. “I treasure my family,” she says. “When I told my brother I was going to appear in Playboy, he gave me this stricken look and said, ‘My dream of meeting a Playmate finally comes true, and it turns out to be my sister!’” Now based on Florida’s Gold Coast, Elisa spends her days in front of the camera, either casting or modeling lingerie and swimwear. “Everything’s been happening so fast,” she gushes. “My dream is to pay my dues, work hard and earn respect as an actor.” With an uncredited part in Mike Nichols’ The Birdcage, our Miss December 1994 was off to a great start, and she went on to act in 2001’s Skippy and appear in multiple Playboy video releases. Despite her earnest request to be seen as one of the guys, Elisa acknowledges that certain of her features may prove too distracting for men. “The photos in the magazine might make some men look at me in a sexual way,” she quips, “but I think most men do that as they pass me on the street!” In her free time, Elisa loves to relax, and her dream vacation includes the following: hot sand, clear water, cold beer and a pair of rough hands. “I love the idea of touring the Bahamas,” she says. “There’s something sensual about water travel. Go where you want, when you want – no schedules, no clocks and no clothes!” Anchors away, Miss Bridges.