Elke Jeinsen

Elke Jeinsen


Hanover Germany N/A


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

May 1993

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In Germany, you might say that Elke Jeinsen is a big deal. “I’m a little bit famous,” she allows, and for good reason – the blonde-haired, blue-eyed Miss Jeinsen is an international model based in Hanover, and she’s donned swimwear and sportswear all over Europe. After a feature in Playboy Germany, Elke made her American debut as Playboy’s Miss May 1993, and to say it was long-awaited would be an understatement. Before she knew it, she was a mainstay on the Los Angeles club scene, fielding offers for modeling gigs and movie roles. “I’m staying,” says Elke in earnest. “I learned formal English in school, but when I first came here, I didn’t understand anything. Now I understand ninety percent.” Living in Los Angeles, Elke continues to indulge her European tastes – she eats chocolate for breakfast, steak for dinner and works out only when the mood strikes. As for those nightclubs, she complains that they don’t stay open late enough. “In Spain they open at two a.m. and stay open until ten,” she says. “Men walk up to me and ask, ‘Where are you from? Are you from Europe?’ Do I look like I come from another planet?” These days, the otherworldly beauty divides her time between Hanover and Los Angeles, and works as a personal trainer and life coach. In her spare time, she studies sports medicine and hangs out with her Playmate sisters. “I didn’t know that Americans like European girls,” she says happily. “The money is better in Europe, but I really enjoy working in the U.S. – everyone here is so friendly and free.” Glad to have you, Miss Jeinsen – and as they say in Germany, Mit Vergnügen.