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Emily Kaye

Emily Kaye
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“At first glance, people think I’m so innocent and cute, or even a bit shy at first,” shares model and Playboy Creator Emily Kaye. “But actually, I love to be sexy, and I’m confident and outgoing when you get to know me.” Coming to Playboy Plus from Vancouver, Canada, we met Emily through her producer, Cassandra Keyes, and had a memorable, fun time collaborating. “I’d say my personality is a blend of all kinds of things— I get along well with many people because of it.” Emily tells us she’s the kind of person who’s down for anything. “If you feel like spending time at home watching a movie, I’d love to. If you feel like going out and having a wild time with loud music and a crowd, I’d love that too,” she laughs. “It makes me happy being able to live life to the fullest and enjoy many different things!” For Emily, doing what she loves every day is the best. “My passion is modeling and creating content,” she says. “I love that I get to have fun being myself. Showcasing self-love and inspiring others that they can be themselves without judgment is what I love most about my job. There are always people who admire you for being you.” That said, she’s happy to be on set. “To me, Playboy means that life has no limits,” she smiles. “It means loving yourself and knowing your worth and beauty no matter what anyone else thinks. Being a part of Playboy means everything to me.” Check out Emily Kaye’s pictorials here on Playboy Plus, and see what she’s creating on the Playboy App!