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Emily Willis

Emily Willis

Playboy All Star of the month

February 2021


I'm from St. George, Utah and it's beautiful. There are cool places to go hiking and lakes. I spend a lot of time outdoors when I'm there


I'm a low key tomboy. I love going hunting, fishing and four-wheel driving. I love hanging with the boys


My guilty pleasure is chocolate. I love all things sweet in my mouth


I love my legs! I always get complimented on my them. I definitely have a dancers body and I embrace it


A perfect first date would be going to a museum, cool drive or to the beach.


If I had a superpower it would be to read minds. I'm intrigued by psychology. It would be really cool to poke into some one's brain


Some of my best experiences have been impulsive. But, I go for it and work until I get it. I don't let obstacles get in the way of my goals or happiness.

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Introducing Emily Willis, our Playboy Plus All Star for February 2021. But chances are if you’re an adult entertainment fan you know her very well. Emily is an only fans star, a grand dame of social media Instagram, Twitter and Reddit to name a few and she even has her own Fleshlight. About her breakneck work schedule and career branding, Willis makes no apologies, “I have a couple [of] passions. One of them is to be the best businesswoman I can be. I’m kind of a workaholic,” Emily says. “I’m always looking for more ways to grow within my career, and that goes hand in hand with myself. I’ve very passionate about learning myself in all the ways possible!” Being a porn actress was journey that felt very natural for Willis. She is comfortable with her body nude which evident by all her very beautiful pics that populate the Internet. Emily is truly loved from her tushy to her gorgeous feet. Willis also celebrates sex in all forms in her adult movie career from lesbian to femdom to interracial to bdsm and bondage—it’s evident she enjoys being a porn star. But there is a lot more to Emily than just XXX videos and being naked. She has life mantra that’s important to both her life and career, “Treating myself with kindness and being authentic to myself,” says Willis of what defines her lifestyle. “Treating myself this way allows me to be kind and empowering to other women as well, and I think that’s very important.” For those who are still wondering, ‘Who is Emily Willis?” Emily defines herself this way. “I’d describe myself as a very open, down to earth, bubbly and energetic girl,” Willis admits. “I’m a go-getter. I work hard for the things that I want! I think I’m definitely in the right field of work.” So, don’t be surprised when you see Willis in hot lingerie or in yoga positions that would make your downward dog do a double take. Emily is exactly where she wants to be, with just a little more outdoors thrown in. “Most people wouldn’t guess I’m a low-key tomboy,” laughs Emily. “I love being outdoors, going hunting, fishing, four-wheeling— all the outdoor things.” Indoors or outdoors Emily remains an eternal All-Star in our book.


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