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Emma Hix

Emma Hix


Kelowna BC Canada


5' 5"

Playboy All Star of the month

April 2021

Waterworks Woman

I paddle board, I love boating, I love swimming. I love anything with water

Animal Lover

My passion is helping animals. I hope to one day open a shelter for animals and become a veterinarian.

Guilty Pleasure

Oreos in general are the most delightful thing.

Sex Advisor

Never be ashamed of your kinks. Be open minded in the bedroom with someone you trust.

Bare-Skinned Babe

When I pose nude, I feel empowered, beautiful and vulnerable in a good way

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Emma Hix is the Playboy Plus All Star for April 2021, and there is a myriad of reasons why she easily earned this impressive honor. As an adult star, Emma has conquered the porn industry by appearing in movies that star interracial talent, celebrate the art of a threesome and the beauty of solo play. But the real woman behind the sexy pics, model actress brand and Pornhub celebrity reveals she is down to earth and in fact, just like us. "I'm a huge dork and nerd," Hix admits. "I'm clumsy, silly, and I have a great sense of humor." But Emma is also a go-getter and accomplished professional. “I'm determined and a hardworking girl once I put my mind to something,” she says. "I'm just proud of myself for accomplishing so much by the age of 23, [like] buying my first house [and] figuring out who I am." It’s that duality that makes her special. The fact Emma is comfortable in her own skin, showcasing her nude body from head to her gorgeous feet whenever the occasion suits her is another a positive. But what Hix has really tapped into is her unique pov—her power and empowerment as a sex worker—it was a mantra that aligned strongly with Playboy’s decades long brand. . "Playboy is female empowered and sex-positive, which is what we need more of in this world," says Emma. "Playboy shows that it's ok to be open with your sexuality and be yourself. It's everything I've ever wanted to be a part of." Emma has also become a huge influencer on social media from Twitter to Instagram to Reddit she often trends and creates buzz by just being herself. Which made Hix a natural fit for the Playboy family, a destination she first had her eye on back when she was a teen, “I saw a magazine and since then, I've always wanted to be a part of Playboy in any way I could," Emma adds. So, it’s obvious not only is Playboy Plus excited to have Emma as an All Star, but Hix herself is extremely honored about that distinction too. “I say this in the most humble way possible, but I've been so many different companies' 'girl of the month,' and it makes me feel so honored and proud of myself," Emma says. "But becoming a Playboy All Star is definitely on the top of my list of what I'm [most] proud of."