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Erika Mayshawn

Erika Mayshawn


Detroit MI United States


5' 10"

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Voluptuous Erika Mayshawn is a Cybergirl you cannot miss. The five foot ten inch model knows what she wants in a man and you better believe height is a requirement. “He needs to be a few inches taller than me in heels,” says dark-haired Erika. As Cybergirl of the Week for August 23, 2010, Miss Mayshawn has been receiving a lot of male attention in her hometown of Detroit, MI. African-American Erika wants men to know using corny pickup lines is a massive pet peeve of hers. “The easiest way to grab my attention is to be natural and confident,” says all-natural Miss Mayshawn. Who exactly should ask a beauty like Erika out on a date? Tall men with muscular shoulders, arms and legs are automatically accepted. “I don’t know about love at first sight but I do believe in lust at first sight,” says Erika. Once the men have passed the lust test, she wants to know about your skills. “I love a man that could cook,” says our CGOW. “A man could steal my heart if he could cook.” Let’s get cooking, guys