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Erin Heidrich

Erin Heidrich


Indianapolis IN United States


5' 2"

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Erin Heidrich may seem like the sweet, innocent Indianapolis girl next door – but behind closed doors, she’s anything but. The all-natural dark-haired model has been featured in Playboy’s Sexy Wives and Special Editions. Now, she proudly can call herself Cybergirl of the Week for May 2, 2011. Erin is a lady in public and a freak in private, but she’d like to change that. “I’ve always wanted to have sex in an elevator,” says Erin with her blue eyes sparkling. “It’s a public place and the doors can open at any time. My dilemma is I don’t know if I want to stop the elevator or keep it going and have that anticipation of getting caught.” Miss Heidrich has two fantasy conundrums to solve – whether the elevator should be in motion and who should join her for the ride. One thing is for sure, Erin will not give you the golden ticket to her ride if you do not listen to her. “Guys, please pay attention to the subtle hints I give you,” pleads Erin. “Do not treat me a like a china doll—I won’t break.” Miss Heidrich, we’ll be sure to take notes.