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Erin Long

Erin Long


Tallahassee FL USA

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“The school officials hate our party school reputation, but I love it,” says Erin Long of Florida State University’s notorious reputation. “You can find something crazy here seven days a week. I like getting $3 liquor pitchers at Bullwinkles and then leaving the bar around 1 am to go to a house party and dominate the beer pong table. If I'm hungry late at night, I'll stop at Club Publix, the grocery store near campus that's known for bringing lonely, hungry people together.” The nutrition and fitness major knows what she wants in a man, but finding that person on campus or in the grocery store isn’t easy—not even for a Playboy model. The all-natural redhead doesn’t mind if he’s a brunette or a blonde, but she does need him to love football, SportsCenter and comedy shows. “I also look for confidence, because it's a huge turn-on,” says our Coed of the Week for November 11, 2004. “And I have a big thing for ears. They can be any size, but they have to look good.”


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