Ester Cordet

Ester Cordet


Panama City Panama


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

October 1974

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Ester Cordet wasn’t discovered by Playboy under conventional circumstances—she was a pleasant surprise we found in the sky. “I take a lot of pride in my job,” says the Pacific Southwest Airlines flight attendant. “I love everything about flying. There's always something new to learn.” Upon meeting the tall brunette, we learned her sweet smile and work ethic earned her a much deserved promotion where she was made the inflight instructor and public relations representative. Even though these new responsibilities came along with a longer hours, Ester welcomed this change and says she shouldn’t doing anything where flying wasn’t involved. “Unfortunately, I haven't taken all the instruction I need,” says our all-natural Playmate of the Month of the progress she’s made with her flying lessons. “I haven’t soloed yet, but, next time I get to copilot.” As to where Ester will go when she finally earns her pilot’s license, she hasn’t decided yet—she has done plenty of traveling for work and in her personal life. Born in Panama, the busty Latina lived to the United States as a teenager to study and eventually moved to Spain and the Philippines. The gorgeous globetrotter with the dark, velvety skin was bitten by the travel bug and felt it was her mission to explore everything this world had to offer her. As our first Panamanian Playmate of the Month, Ester is proud her Playboy accomplishment allows her to represent the country she loves so and adds she hopes her fellow Panamanians follow in her footsteps. “Although I’ve lived in the U.S. nearly all my life, I’m still Panamanian. But, I’ve finally decided to become an American citizen,” admits our voluptuous Miss October 1974. “Cordet doesn’t sound Panamanian, but, I’m part French.” From flying to becoming a Playmate to entertaining, the Latin beauty’s multifaceted ambitions wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t try her hand at acting. “I'd prefer nothing better than someday to be described by movie reviewers as 'a gifted comic actress' like Barbara Streisand,” explains Ester. “I think this is a good time for me to be considering a career as an actress. It used to be you couldn’t even dream about being in a motion picture unless you had a light complexion. But, now the movies are really opening up. Plus, I'd have an advantage over other beginning movie actresses: I wouldn't mind starting work at six a.m. As a stewardess, I've done that many times.” Her Panamanian beauty and naturally curvy body may not be on the big screen as of yet, but Ester did cause quite a stir when she posed for the Ohio Players’ Honey album cover. Appearing in the nude with only a huge spoonful of honey dripping into her mouth and over her buxom figure, Ester had music lovers everywhere yearning to taste the sweet, sticky substance drizzled over her body. Whether you prefer her sticky like on the Honey album cover or sudsy like in her Playmate of the Month centerfold, Ester Cordet knows how to please everyone's preferences.