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Fatima Kojima

Fatima Kojima


Plano, Texas


5' 6"

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September 2019

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Fatima Kojima is something else. Beautiful, wholesome, friendly and sweet, this lovely model will win you over with her unique, captivating looks, and warm personality. “What makes me, me, is my ambitious drive, motherly personality, and care-free and nonjudgmental spirit,” says the Detroit, Michigan native. Of Japanese, African-American, English, and Native American descent, this beauty thanks her roots for her dazzling looks, and her upbringing for her warm demeanor. “Michigan is beautiful; I was fortunate to live in the woods and do now as well, so I always feel connected to nature and animals,” she tells us. An experienced model, Fatima has been in front of cameras since the age of 14 but has always wanted to pose for Playboy. “I want to express my natural beauty as a woman,” she tells us. “I love posing nude. I wish the world didn't disgrace women for enjoying the expression and freedom of their bodies; which is why I love Playboy for having a safe, respectful place for women to be able to do so.” When she’s not working hard in front of the camera, you can usually find this lady spending time in the outdoors with her dog, cats, or any other animal nearby. “It's extremely rare to not see an animal next to me if I'm not at a photoshoot,” she laughs. She also loves working out her all natural figure. “I love to listen to old school music while I do yoga!” When it comes to guys, Fatima has a few unique turn-ons. “Hands down my biggest turn-on are veins and collarbones,” she says giggling. If you want to see more of this new model, leave her some likes and comments, right here, only on Playboy Plus!