Gay Collier

Gay Collier


New Orleans Louisiana USA


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

July 1965

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From New Orleans to North Hollywood, our busty Miss July 1965 has her hazel-colored eyes laser-focused on a career as a professional dancer. “My first objective is to land a dancing role in a Broadway musical. After all the years I've put in on toe shoes, I figure it's time I started making the rounds of New York agents' offices and tried putting some of that practice to work,” explains ambitious Gay Collier. “When I was a teenager, I lived in Guam and then Nagasaki, Japan, but I'd love to visit Europe someday, and also to raise a family.” Inheriting the travel bug from her attorney father who served his country in the Judge Advocates Corps before moving to California, Gay has a list of places she wants to visit before settling down. “Eventually, I hope to go to Europe and try out for one of the finer ballet companies, like the Ballet Russe or the Royal Ballet,” says the flexible and voluptuous redhead. “I've already put my Playmate-photo prize money in a special oversees 'ballerina-or-bust' savings account.” Being crowned our Playmate of the Month comes with many perks. Aside from her cash prize, our busty Miss July 1965 admits her experience with Playboy has boosted her confidence, but doesn’t mean she’s ready to throw caution to the wind. “My biggest turnoff is when strangers ask personal questions to start a conversation,” says Gay who will share some secrets with us, though. “Tennis is my favorite sport, although I don't play it well. I admire Elizabeth Taylor, because she's experienced so much in her life. I want a guy who doesn't try to make an impression and in my free time, I knit ski sweaters!” Learn more about Gay Collier, right here on Playboy.