Gia Marie

Gia Marie


Malibu California USA


5' 8"

Playmate of the month

November 2014

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Gia Marie makes it up as she goes along. Tall at 5’8”, with auburn-red hair and sun-kissed, freckled cheeks, Gia hails from Malibu, California, where she’s a stylist and makeup artist to the stars. From high-profile shoots to late nights and sunrises on Sunset Boulevard, Gia does it all, and she does it very well. “Growing up, my friends and I would ‘borrow’ Playboys from my neighbor’s garage,” she says. “We’d ogle the gorgeously made-up girls and think, We’re so bad!” These stolen glimpses led Gia to pursue a modeling career, and though bolstered by her confidence and professional success, she had but one doubt – “Why is it taking so long for me to become a Playmate?” As if there were ever any doubt, we invited Gia for a test shoot, and before she knew it, she was wearing her very own bunny suit – ears, tail and all – posing for her Playmate pictorial with Josh Ryan. All hail Miss November 2014. Unsatisfied with mere success, Gia wants to take her Playmate title and go global, and plans to launch an international line of makeup bags and accessories. “I want to be the dopest Playmate of the 2010s,” she says, ever the California girl. When she’s not in front of the camera, you can find Gia doing her thing in and around Los Angeles. “My four must-haves are the beach, my pug, Mexican food and kombucha,” she says. “I’m grateful for my family, my beautiful friends, and boys, who always keep me on my toes!” On the contrary, our gorgeous Miss November is always one step ahead, and she’s got us all right where she wants us.


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