Gillian Bonner

Gillian Bonner


Athens Georgia USA


5' 6"

Playmate of the month

April 1996

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Gillian Bonner may deal in the virtual, but lucky for us, she’s all reality. Blonde-haired, brown-eyed Gillian was raised in Atlanta, and spent her earlier days modeling all over the United States. These days, though, she’s based in Florida – as the head of a software-development company, Black Dragon Productions, Gillian creates interactive CD-ROM games for a more adult consumer base. “With virtual reality, you have complete power, and everyone gets turned on by power,” muses Gillian. “Someday, I hope to create fantasies that are more explicit and erotic.” In one such fantasy game, Miss Bonner lends her likeness to become Riana Rouge, an office seductress who must defeat her evil boss and save her co-worker. “The key to winning is to do the right thing,” she says with a wink. “If you make all the right decisions, you empower the female character.” Speaking of female characters, Gillian kicked ass as our Miss April 1996, and with her auspicious appearance in cyberspace, she fast became a fan favorite. “I got tons and tons of email,” she says. “Technology is not just for geeks anymore!” When it comes to men, Miss Bonner is split between beauty and the geek – she cites RAM-packed computers as one of her biggest turn-ons, but can’t resist a hard, toned body. “If a guy comes home from a hard day’s work smelling like only a man can, I’m a goner,” she admits. “I love being so in touch with my body.” Since the real Miss Bonner is out of reach, we’ll have to content ourselves with her digital presence.