Gina Goldberg

Gina Goldberg


Turku Finland


5' 4"

Playmate of the month

May 1981

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Our Finnish Miss May 1981 is a blonde-haired beauty who never felt her name represented her properly. “Actually, I was named Tina,” admits Gina Goldberg, nee Virenius. “But, I’ve always preferred to call myself Gina, because I think it’s a more exciting name. Tina just doesn’t have any bounce, and I need bounce. I plan to spend the rest of my life as an independent woman.” Her life as an independent woman began when bouncy Gina left her native Finland for Sweden as a teenager to change her life. Finland hasn’t always been too kind to the blue-eyed blonde, but Sweden wasn’t as receptive as she hoped it would be. She moved around Europe with a Swedish dance company and lived in cities like London and Paris before finding herself in America. “Since I'd heard so many good things about America, I decided to go there myself. It was summer and New York was hot and rainy and I was all alone,” explains our all-natural Playmate of the Month. “I decided I needed some sunshine, so I took a Greyhound from New York to L.A. What a trip! I spent nearly a week on the bus.” When she exited the stiflingly hot bus, she was in awe of Los Angeles—the sexy people, the food and the wannabe celebrities. Happiness quickly turned into determination when her mission was realized—she needed to go to Hollywood to act, model and become a Playmate. She made her way to Hollywood Boulevard where she was followed by a man who was most unwelcome and Gina knew she had to lose him quickly. “I was really scared, so I jumped into the first cab I saw, which turned out to be a lucky break, because the driver was very nice and helped me locate a place to stay,” says our very thankful Playmate. With her guard up and her mind focused on work, the model was consistently preoccupied and had no time to even going on a date. “I’m picky about the men I choose. I prefer intelligent men you can have a decent conversation with,” says our Miss May 1981. “I like older men because, let’s face it, they know how to behave with a woman.” When Gina Goldberg is around, men everywhere will make sure to be on their best behavior.